Communication in the business world is changing every day, all the workers and the employees are always on their toes to constantly and efficiently up-skill themselves in the way they maintain cordial virtual relationships, communicate, and collaborate together in an ever-evolving world with their colleagues and clients.

Keeping up with this new reality, a virtual collaboration solution that caters to the need of all the industry verticals is an essential growth strategy. There are various ways to use video collaboration and ensure a seamless virtual communication that gains contextual information and accompanies an interaction which bridges the gap between at-home workers and in-office workers.

The growth of the virtual video collaboration market is dominantly driven by factors such as the increasing demand for good quality and high-speed video communication products and emerging work-from-home culture across the globe.

InstaVC Collaboration Suite provides a complete suite of Video Collaboration platforms across all industry verticals to cater to the unique requirements of each sector. Create inclusive, video-first meetings with HD Video, Audio clarity and implement an ultimate productive virtual meeting experience with this impeccable video collaboration solution.

Different industrial solutions that we provide –

  1. With inVC full featured video meeting platform, create a 3-dimensional digital world just like an in-person physical world with no agony about any Connectivity Barrier, or internet availability. With this flawless video meeting solution inVC, experience the unbeatable and qualitative conferencing even with low network and bandwidth connectivity.
  2. inClinic is a virtual patient-doctor platform that connects patients with doctors facilitating round-the-clock appointment booking. With inClinic reduce the chances of catching a new disease or illness, the transportation time or cost, and find an immediate access to specialist doctors and better health.
  3. inClass is a secure and easy to use smart classroom solution, which cultivates a seamless classroom environment for the students and teachers to collaborate efficiently. With inClass, we aim to eliminate every educational barrier which can stop any student to scaling-up themselves to their highest potential or knowledge level.
  4. With inAPI, Video API Platform maximize your brand value add custom logos and backgrounds into the meetings, that resonates with your brand and make the most, out of our cloud-based inAPI video conferencing platform. It’s secure, stable, and is future-ready helping your business to achieve the digital transformation that it’s lacking to move-forward to the next level.
  5. inCast is a webcasting platform, empowers large-scale video webcasting events with live video and audio conferencing, enabling you to host & promote impeccable virtual events. Interactive & seamless with our extraordinarily in-built next-gen features, inCast will focus on the tedious parts of your business, so that you can focus on impressing your audience with seamlessly interactive and cost-efficient Web-events.
  6. inShop is a Virtual Shopping platform helps E-commerce, Brands, and Business owners with the chance to demonstrate their products live seamlessly and impart shoppers with accurate information. A Live video Shopping platform can boost-up the digital presence of your brand, be a way of generating more consciously engaged and easily accessible sales platform, where seamlessly shoppable live virtual interactions become a reality.
  7. inAffiliate: Get paid for anticipating your audience’s needs and recommending vertical wise great video meeting solutions with inAffiliate’s best-in-class InstaVC Suite affiliate program.

According to a research report by Grand View Research, the global video conferencing market size was valued at USD 4.21 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.4% from 2021 to 2028.

InstaVC Collaboration Suite offers cost-effective solutions, to meet your unique requirements and fulfill all exclusive demands. With InstaVC Suite, inclusive of all the other customizedvertical solutionsyou can save a lot on your existing billings.

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